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Your breasts are NOT droopy…

Your breasts are NOT droopy…

I’ve heard this complaint thousands of times in my Louisville Cosmetic Surgery office and a lot of the time the breasts are not droopy…technically.

The fact that the upper part of the breast has lost its fullness with age and babies does NOT constitute droop in Plastic Surgery terms.

Droop, or Ptosis ( toe-sis)  as we call it, is all based on where the nipple rests in relation to the crease under the breast (Infra-Mammary Fold or IMF). By definition, if your nipple sits above your IMF you do not have ptosis and a breast lift or Mastopexy may not be needed. A Louisville Breast Augmentation will often correct this situation.

If your nipple sits at or below your IMF you do have ptosis and a Louisville Breast lift will be necessary in most cases.

Now, a lot of times her nipple is well situated above the IMF but the bottom part of the breast sits below the IMF. We call this pseudo-ptosis and depending on the severity and the size of your breast, this situation may also call for a mastopexy (lift).

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Lousiville Breast Augmentation specialist, Dr. Lee Corbett.

My Breasts are different sizes…

In my Louisville Kentucky Cosmetic surgery practice I encounter this complaint frequently. And that is no great surprise becasue every woman’s breasts are uneven.

When a woman is considering a Louisville Breast Augmentation, I will frequently use different volumes to account for the asymmetry or even different style implants. I tackle the size problem  by using implant sizers. These are trial implants that we place and then fill to different volumes to see what balances things out. They only run $30 or $40 which is a lot better than trialing a $1000 silicone implant only to find its the wrong size!!

When I do Louisville Breast Lifts or Louisville Breast Reductions, I can simply remove more tissue from the larger breast to balance things out.

What is more difficult to correct is if the breasts are vertically asymmetric. It is hard to adjust the breast crease a lot so these asymmetries tend to persist. Likewise, if your rib cage is different from side to side, there is very little to do.

Lee Corbett, MD

all posts on this blog are presented by Louisville Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett

Your BMI and Surgery

Often times in my Louisville Plastic Surgery practice I encounter patients who want to know if they need to loose weight before surgery. This is particularly true for those seeking a Louisville Tummy Tuck or Louisville Liposuction.

Your BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a good tool to use to help answer this question. A normal BMI runs from 18 to 24. Anyone in this category is an acceptable candidate for surgery. Overweight is defined as a BMI of 25 to 29. Patients in this category are also good candidates.

When the BMI gets above 30, we need to take a closer look. At a BMI of 30 a person is about 35-40 pounds overweight. BMI’s of 30-40 land one in the “obese” category. Folks in this range can safely have surgery, and do everyday, but their medical history becomes more pertinent and they may be better served having surgery in a hospital setting as opposed to an outpatient setting.

Patients with a BMI above 40, which is about 100 lbs overweight, are typically not the best candidates for elective surgery in my opinion. These cases need to be considered very carefully.

Lee Corbett, MD