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How old is too old?

How old is too old?

In my Louisville Plastic Surgery practice I am frequently asked “Do you think I am too old to be doing this?”

I just read an article in this months American Society of Plastic Surgeons journal and they looked at complication rates and age. The procedure they studied was the Facelift.

What the studied showed was the regardless of the type of facelift, mini or full , first time or re-do, the complication rates were the same for those younger and older than 65.

The difference maker was how healthy the patient was before surgery. In other words, a 55 year old who is obese, diabetic and has high blood pressure is likely to be more risky to operate on than a 70 year old with no medical problems.

Chronological age is not as important as physiologic age.

If you are unsure if you are a good candidate, just ask you surgeon.

Lee Corbett, MD

Breast Expansion and Fat Grafting

In the Plastic Surgery literature there is a new technique being described to enlarge the female breast. In contrast to traditional Breast Augmentation, no type of implant is used. The breasts are being transiently enlarged using a Brava system, and then fat grafted.

The Brava system consists of two domes that fit over the breast and create a suction. This expands the breast. Once the breast is expanded fat is suctioned from elsewhere in the body, and grafted to the breast to maintain the size.

Now before everyone goes running to their favorite Plastic  Surgeons office, because have fat suctioned from you rear and put is your breasts has been joked about for years, please remember that these techniques are new and long term safety has not been established.

But if this works and the results are safe and reproducible, it will be a very nice alternative.

Dr. Lee Corbett

All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville Breast Augmentation specialist, Dr. Lee Corbett.