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If I get Botox in my armpits will it help with excess perspiration?

If I get Botox in my armpits will it help with excess perspiration?

Easy answer on this one, “Yes”. Botox has been given FDA approval to be used for excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis.

There are a few things you need to know before you head off to your doctor’s office. First, it takes an entire bottle of Botox to treat both armpits so depending on your doctor’s fee schedule you may be looking at a $900 to $1200 bill. Secondly, your body perspires to cool you off, so if you do not sweat from your armpits you will sweat elsewhere because your body will cool itself off. Nature has made us that way.

Should you decide to have this done the treatments are easy and only take a few minutes. The effects tend to last about 6 months in my experience. I only have a few patients willing to spend this much money but the ones who do are pleased with the results.

Lee Corbett, MD

Why do some doctors put implants in through the armpit and others under the breast?

Breast Augmentation can be carried out through a variety of incision sites. The choice of site depends on your preference, your breast shape and size, your nipple size and surgeon preference.

Under the breast is the most commonly used access point. It is very flexible for surgeon, allows any type of implant to be placed, and the scar is well hidden and typically heals quite nicely.

An armpit, or Trans-Axillary, approach has the main advantage of leaving no scar on the breast, but it is very difficult to place a silicone implant through this incision and the implant must go under the muscle. So, this route is normally used for  saline implants to be placed under the muscle.

In Louisville Breast Augmentations are most normally done through the crease under the breast but all routes are used.

Lee Corbett, MD

Why does the skin sometimes ripple after liposuction?

In my Louisville Liposuction practice, I find this procedure to be often reqeusted, right behind breast augmentation in popularity.

One known side effect of liposuction is rippling of the skin. Plastic Surgeons refer to this as a contour irregularity. This isn’t very common but it certainly can occur.

The reason patients experience this problem is twofold. First, if the patient is older and/or has loose skin, when the fat is removed the skin isn’t able to snap back tightly enough and it can leave some ripples. The second reason we see this is if the liposuction cannula is passed just under the skin. Everytime we advance the liposuction cannula a small tunnel is made. As the tissues heal and the tunnels collapse on themselves, if they are just under the skin, the skin can be pulled in which will cause a rippling effect. To combat this we try to stay a bit deeper with the cannula and will cross-hatch the tunnels.

Are you prone to this problem? The only way to really know is to let your Plastic Surgeon examine the area you are interested in having treated.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are provided by Louisville Liposuction doctor, Lee Corbett, MD.

Do Breast Implants affect Breast Feeding?

This is a topic that comes up a lot with my younger patients who are considering Breast Augmentation for obvious reasons. The answer “No”, implants have no bearing whatsoever on a woman’s ability to breast feed.

When an implant is placed it is either under the muscle/breast complex or the breast itself.  But what most patients are confused about is how the space for the implant is made. When I create the pocket for the implant I seperate the undersurface of the breast from the muscle, the entire breast lifts forward, and the implant slides in under it. If the implant is going under the muscle then the breast is basically undistrubed as it and the muscle are lifted and the implant slides behind the muscle.

Now, where the implant can make a difference is when we talk about incision site. If you choose to have your implant placed through an incision around the nipple, this can definitely affect breast feeding as some milk ducts will be divided. There is little to no milk producing tissue in the crease under the breast so that is a good choice. An armpit incision is also safe to use, though not as commonly chosen.

Lee Corbett, MD

Can fat return to an area that has been Liposuctioned?

I hear a lot of misconceptions about fat deposits after Liposuction. In my Louisville Liposuction practice patients are often concerned that if they have liposuction of one area, another area will get even larger when/if she gains weight.

Here’s my opinion on this. Fat can return to an area previously liposuctioned if you gain weight. Our bodies are all different and we all store fat in different areas. Some women gain a little weight and it is all in their thighs, others their backside etc… So if you gain a lot of weight and you had your thighs liposuctioned, and your body stores fat in your thighs, they can get bigger.

Your body will NOT “penalize” you for having liposuction though. If you have your tummy suctioned your butt will not get bigger if you gain weight. Again, we all store fat differently and your body will store fat wherever it wants wether you have had liposuction or not.

Lee Corbett, MD

What happens if I have an Implant & Lift surgery and then have another baby?

This is a great question that I frequently encounter in my Louisville Cosmetic Surgery practice. With the changes that a woman’s breasts experience during pregnancy I would expect some deterioration of your result. How much depends on how much your breasts enlarge with your pregnancies and how much weight you gain.

The breast implants themselves will remain unchanged. What changes is the benefit we achieved with the breast lift component. If there is significant size change in the breasts the skin will stretch and in all likelihood you will have some degree of skin excess. This could result in a revision of the lift. This isn’t a disaster though. It typically means a small revision with a bit more skin removal.

My advice to the new patients I meet considering an implant/lift combination is that if they know they are having another baby soon, wait to have the surgery until after the baby comes. If you are unsure or know you are going to wait several years I think it is reasonable to have the surgery but just be aware a small revision might be necessary.

Lee Corbett, MD