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Welcome to Corbett Cosmetic in Louisville, KY

Welcome to our practice. In my 20th year as a Plastic Surgeon, my practice’s continued success is built upon providing excellent surgical results coupled with safe and conscientious care. I can assure you that no one is more concerned about your satisfaction following surgery than myself. Why? Because Your result is also My result!

During your visit, I trust that you will find my staff and me to be very approachable. When we get the chance to sit down and discuss your concerns you will find I approach things very basically.. you tell me what you would like to achieve I will tell you what MY plan will be to accomplish that goal. Dialing in on and specifically defining your primary concern(s) is THE most crucial aspect of your consultation! We will do that and then come to a treatment plan that we both understand and agree upon.

At your consultation, explore your options and have all of your questions answered. You must take advantage of this time. This is your best opportunity to confirm your decision to undergo your cosmetic surgery procedure. Ask questions…that is what this time is for. My staff and I will spend as much time with you as you need. My philosophy is that the more you know about your surgery, myself, and my staff…the better!

At Corbett Cosmetic Surgery I feel we have something special to offer. Plastic Surgery is a huge field of medicine composed of four main areas. I devote my practice solely to Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breasts and Body as well as non surgical injectable treatments for wrinkles, fillers, and a full line of cosmeceuticals for facial rejuvenation. The Art of Cosmetic Surgery is what I study each day, think about each day, and do each working day. My staff and I are fully dedicated to the art and science of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

Sincerely yours,
Lee Corbett, MD