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Corbett Cosmetic Surgery in Louisville

Corbett Cosmetic Surgery was originally founded more than 40 years ago by Dr. Tom Nichol and Dr. Larry Florman. Although the esteemed plastic surgeons have since retired, Dr. Lee Corbett is proud to carry on their tradition of surgical and aesthetic excellence in cosmetic surgery at our brick-front Louisville facility.

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At Corbett Cosmetic Surgery, we invite previous, present and prospective patients to visit our facility to learn more about what sets us apart from other plastic surgery providers. At our facility, you will discover an elegant, serene environment. Not only is the Corbett Cosmetic Surgery center equipped with the most advanced plastic surgery technology available, but every room feels like a relaxing sanctuary, providing respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In our stylish waiting room, you will find a backdrop of soothing earth tones, which perfectly complement the décor aesthetic. Clean lines, snow-white furniture, contrasting textures and vivid abstract artworks pop against the tranquil surroundings. The walls of our consultation office will remind you of a quiet, azure summer sky.

The Corbett Cosmetic Surgery facility is conveniently located in east Louisville, just off Highway 146. We provide a welcoming environment for our patients, so they can explore the endless possibilities that plastic surgery offers in a stress-free fashion.