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Ear Surgery

Louisville Cosmetic Ear Surgery Specialist – Dr. Lee Corbett

Is Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Surgery) for Me?

Otoplasty surgery is typically performed when we are young, usually about the time we start school to avoid teasing. However, there are a lot of patients who reach adulthood with one or both ears protruding. For male patients this often leads to some level of self-consciousness while female patients feel ‘condemned’ to certain hair styles to hide the problem. Correction of protruding ears is possible for adults. In fact, the procedure is rather routine and makes a significant improvement for those who elect to have the surgery.

Goals of Surgery

The goal of the surgery is to bring the ears back into a normal anatomic relationship with your head and to gain symmetry with the other ear.

The Surgery

Where Does the Surgery Take Place?

This procedure is done in an operating room.


General Anesthesia is the preferred option.

Surgery Time

Varies depending on one or both ear being treated. 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Hospital Stay

This is an outpatient procedure.


You should be back to your normal routine right away. A head band will be necessary for several days though.


Plan on at least 3 visits post-op.


As with any surgical procedure, complications can occur and are best discussed at the time of your consultation. It is essential that eyelid surgery Louisville patients be aware of potential complications before undergoing this or any surgical procedure.


Costs range from about $4,500 to $5,000. The range varies depending on if one or both ears are being treated. All estimated pricing does include Hospital Costs, Anesthesia Fees, and Surgeon’s Fees. While this cost range represents an estimate, the final price is based on each patient’s unique situation and can only be determined during a consultation.

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