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Pigment Blending/Collagen Tightening

Louisville Pigment Blending Specialist – Corbett Cosmetic


Laser pigment blending therapy is much like a chemical peel. It is intended to cause a nice exfoliation, which will improve surface pigmentation and melasma. In addition, collagen warming delivers an improvement in fine lines.


Where is the Procedure Done?


How long does it take?

10 minutes


None needed. It feels like a sparkler is hitting your skin.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

Everyone goes home.


The skin will flake at about a week.


One visit at the 2 week point.



Over the course of his distinguished surgical career, Dr. Lee Corbett has helped numerous individuals seeking cosmetic surgery in Louisville realize their aesthetic goals. In addition to various surgical procedures, he specializes in a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. For example, Dr. Corbett regularly treats Louisville laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal patients. He is also renowned as one of the most experienced Louisville spider vein removal specialists.