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Split Earlobe Repair

Louisville Split Ear Lobe Repair Surgeon – Dr. Corbett

As a premier Louisville plastic surgeon, Dr. Corbett performs a range of corrective procedures, including split/torn earlobes. Torn earlobes are caused by trauma, often due to heavy earrings that women love to wear. Gauged earlobes can also be repaired for those desiring correction. Earlobes are made of very soft skin and a small amount of fatty tissue and can be very sensitive. Thus, men can also split their earlobes during physical or other types of activities.


The goal of split ear lobe surgery is to correct the torn / gauged earlobe and restore normal function and appearance. Although, the procedure may result in mild scarring, most patients are able to continue wearing their jewelry after the earlobe has healed completely. This procedure is not intended to correct protruding ears, but can be combined with otoplasty; lip enhancement and/or injectable wrinkle fillers on patients who wish to undergo additional cosmetic enhancements.

The Surgery


Split earlobe repair surgery is performed at Dr. Corbett’s practice.


Local anesthesia is used for this procedure.


Split earlobe repair takes about 5-10 minutes per earlobe. Gauged earlobes are more complex and take between 20-30 minutes per side. The sutures are removed after one week and patients may re-pierce their earlobes after three months.


There is no recovery. You may return to your normal routine immediately.


The cost is approximately $500 per ear for split earlobes and $1000 per ear for gauged earlobes.

Dr. Corbett is a superb Louisville Botox provider who has helped many patients enhance their facial appearance as well as correct certain features such as the ears and the chin.