Louisville Skin Care Treatments

Skin Care Treatments

Cosmetic Skin Care in Louisville

PIGMENT BALANCING PEEL $75 / $200 series of 3
Improves hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone

GLYCOLIC PEEL $60 / $155 series of 3
For smoother, younger looking skin

MICROPEEL $120 / $335 series of 3
Three-step clinical procedure combining Dermaplaning, chemical exfoliation, and CO2 Therapy to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections

SALICYLIC PEEL $75 / $200 series of 3
Helps reduce acne and keep skin clear of breakouts

DERMAPLANING $60 / $155 series of 3
Non-traumatic manual skin resurfacing

Simply Clean Custom Facial
$75, 50min
Customized to your specific skin type and condition

Anti-Aging Facial
$85, 60min
Combines exfoliation with age-fighting antioxidants to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Acne Facial
$85, 60min or $95, 75min with CO2 Therapy
Helps to decongest pores and reduce acne bacteria

Eyebrow Waxing $15

Vitamin B12 Boost $30

Jessner Peel $60 / $155 Series of 3
Ideal for aging skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne gradesĀ I & II

Triplex Peel $100 / $275 Series of 3
Combining Glycolic, salicylic, and Trichloroacetic acids to aggressively treat acne-prone oily skin for breakouts, congestion, fine lines, photo damage, and scarring.

TCA Peel $150 / $425 Series of 3
Improves fine lines, deeper wrinkles, uneven texture, and scarring.

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