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Nose Revision

Louisville Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon – Dr. Lee Corbet

Dr. Lee Corbett is a highly respected Louisville plastic surgery provider who is adept at a wide range of facial plastic surgery procedures, including revision rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Patients who undergo nose contouring are not always 100 percent satisfied with their results. Many such patients seek out Dr. Corbett, an extremely talented Louisville revision rhinoplasty surgeon, for a second surgery to help them achieve the nasal contours they desire. If you are considering a secondary nose surgery, please read the paragraphs below to learn how revision nose surgery in Louisville can help you achieve a more harmonious facial appearance.

Revision Nose Contouring in Louisville: Is It for Me?

You may be a candidate for revision rhinoplasty if you are experiencing functional nasal problems, such as difficulty breathing through your nose, or are unhappy with some aspect of the cosmetic results of your previous surgery, such as the size of the nose or the shape of the nostrils. You should wait at least 1 year following your primary procedure before considering secondary rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes, as it can take that long for the swelling from the original procedure to completely resolve. During your consultation, Dr. Corbett will listen closely to your concerns, evaluate your nose and review your medical history (including the details of your primary rhinoplasty). Based on this evaluation, he will determine whether secondary rhinoplasty is appropriate.

Goals of Surgery

The purpose of secondary rhinoplasty is to correct functional or aesthetic nasal flaws that arise after a primary rhinoplasty procedure.

The Surgery

Where Does the Surgery Take Place?

Dr. Corbett performs revision rhinoplasty in a hospital.


General anesthesia is used for this procedure.

Surgery Time

Your secondary nose job may take longer than your first rhinoplasty procedure. Time in surgery typically ranges from 1 to 2 hours.

Hospital Stay

Patients who undergo rhinoplasty revision in Louisville should plan on staying in the hospital for 1 night.


Recovery from revision rhinoplasty can take longer than recovery from primary nose surgery. In addition, there may be more swelling, and the swelling may last longer. Skin discoloration is also possible. Most Louisville revision rhinoplasty patients are able to return to their normal activities within 1 to 2 weeks, but some swelling can persist for up to a year.


Expect to make at least 3 to 4 follow-up visits to Dr. Corbett following your rhinoplasty revision. However, more or fewer visits may be required, depending on the nature and extent of your surgery.


Complications are possible following any surgery, including revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Corbett will thoroughly explain all the potential risks and complications of secondary nose surgery during your initial consultation.


The fees for revision rhinoplasty can vary dramatically, depending on the exact nature and extent of surgery required. Dr. Corbett will provide you with a comprehensive estimate during your consultation.

If you are considering revision nose surgery, the first step is to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Corbett. Use the Contact Us form on this page or call (502) 721-0331 to schedule your appointment today. For your convenience, we also offer a discreet Virtual Consultation service.

Dr. Lee Corbett is a skilled Louisville plastic surgeon who performs a wealth of cosmetic surgery procedures. In addition to primary and revision rhinoplasty, he offers eyelid surgery, ear surgery, brow lift and neck lift in Louisville. He is also a talented facelift provider who achieves stunning results for his short scar facelift Louisville patients. Moreover, for patients seeking non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments, Dr. Corbett offers facial injectables and fillers, including Botox, Restylane and Juvederm.