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Cosmetic Surgery in Louisville – Breast Enhancement Procedures

Breast Enhancement Surgery is a catch-all phrase commonly used in plastic surgery. As the term implies, operations that fall into this category are intended to enhance the beauty of your breasts.

The reasons women seek Breast Enhancement surgery are as individual as the patients themselves. Many women simply want to be bigger. For them, breast augmentation in Louisville might be appropriate. Others want to be smaller. For these patients, Dr. Corbett might perform breast reduction. Reversal of the drooping that results from pregnancy, nursing, or gravity can be achieved through the sophisticated breast lift procedure. Frequently, we are also asked to address a combination of these problems and this too is possible.

Breast Enhancement Surgeries are some of the most common cosmetic operations done today and have some of the highest patient satisfaction rates post operatively. A breast surgery that ranks especially high in terms of patient satisfaction is breast augmentation. If you have considered one of these procedures please feel free to schedule a consultation. Your specific issues and their remedies can be discussed confidentially.