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Body Smartlipo


Smartlipo is a type of laser-assisted liposuction procedure that is used to reduce localized fat deposits and tighten the skin.

The Body Contouring You Deserve

Newer advances in liposuction treatments allow for easier, gentler fat removal with the help of laser technology. Dr. Corbett offers a highly effective, minimally-invasive treatment called Smartlipo that uses laser energy to liquefy fat cells, making them easier to remove from the body. The laser liposuction technique can be used if you have moderate fat deposits on most areas of the body. Total body contouring may require more than one session, or may require that the procedure be done under general anesthesia.

Many people prefer this advanced technique because it is less invasive and requires less downtime than more traditional forms of liposuction. Additionally, Smartlipo can actually tighten the skin by encouraging collagen production, which is beneficial for people who have poor skin elasticity and who would like a tighter, more toned appearance.

Dr. Corbett has found that Smartlipo works well both as an individual procedure and in combination with tumescent liposuction for more extensive body contouring. The entire team at Corbett Cosmetic Surgery can make a positive difference in how you live, while enhancing how you look. As a Louisville liposuction surgeon committed to the latest technologies and techniques, Dr. Corbett is excited to see the results his patients are achieving with Smartlipo.

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Dr. Lee Corbett Discusses Smartlipo in Kentucky

Dr. Lee Corbett talks about the Smartlipo procedure which he performs at his Louisville, Kentucky cosmetic surgery practice.

Smartlipo at a Glance

  • Purpose: To eliminate isolated deposits of fat and tighten skin.
  • Procedure: This procedure can usually be performed using local anesthesia with sedation though general anesthesia is preferred for larger areas. The areas to be treated are marked and the laser energy is then applied to the fat cells using a handheld device. A small cannula is then used to remove the fat cells.
  • Recovery: Most people return to work within just a few days and can resume all their normal activities in about two to three weeks.
  • Results: A slimmer, more youthful-looking silhouette and improved body contours.

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