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“A Labia-what…Are you kidding me ?”

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I have certainly heard that question along with a look of disbelief when I discuss Labiaplasty Surgery. So, “Yes”, there is such a thing as Labiaplasty surgery and it is more common that you may think.

“Why?”, you ask? Well, there are several reasons women request labiaplasty. Primarily the patients are unhappy with the size of their inner labia, the labia minora. Common problems are dissatisfaction with their size, pigmentation, or lack of symmetry between the two sides. Many women with large labia also complain of problems and embarrassment when they wear the Lululemon type yoga pants / leggings or are in their bikini or bathing suit. Others experience discomfort when they exercise, particularly those who enjoy biking or spin class. Discomfort during intimacy is also an issue for some patients. Finally, many women simply have large, redundant and uneven labia that result from aging, childbirth, hormones or may just be the way they were born. While their anatomy is entirely normal, they simply do not care for the appearance of their vulva and choose to have some of the extra skin removed to give a more pleasing appearance.

If you have specific questions about the procedure please call our office at 502-721-0330.

Lee Corbett, MD

Medical Director Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MedSpa

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