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Don’t Skip the Growth Factor

allysonWhat aging skin really needs are Growth Factors. Research shows that Growth Factors have the potential to enhance resiliency, increase collagen production, improve the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, age spots, wound-healing, and the overall tone and texture of skin. Growth Factors work to stimulate biochemical pathways that promote skin tissue repair and regeneration. The more Growth Factor you have, the better the outcome you can expect.  In this case, more is MORE. This is why we carry SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex.  TNS is a highly concentrated formula containing Matrix proteins, Soluble Collagen and antioxidants.  It is made up of 93.6% Human Growth Factor!!

We recommend cleansing, toning then applying TNS, your antioxidant, RETINOL and any other specialty product you use such as a brightening agent.  If you are one who likes to simplify your skincare routine,  try is the TNS Essential Serum.  Essential Serum is a 2 chamber, all-in-one product containing 93.6% growth factor, 7 antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and specialty ingredients to brighten the skin.  Just add a retinol at night and a sunscreen in the morning and you are ready to go.

For more information on skin care or if you would like help in perfecting your skincare routine, call for a free consultation with me, Monday through Friday, 9-4:30.

Allyson- Licensed Aesthetician at the MedicalSpa at Corbett Cosmetic


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