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Driving after Surgery

A common question patients have when they are planning their cosmetic procedure is when can they drive after surgery.

The answer is that you can drive when you are off of your pain medicine AND when you are reasonably able to react to normal driving situations. If you drive while taking a narcotic, and are pulled over for poor/erratic driving, you very well may get a DUI. While it is perfectly legal for you to have the narcotic pain medicine as they were prescribed for you, it is not legal to drive impaired, be it pain medicine or alcohol. You simply cant drive impaired.

The other factor is your ability to react normally. For instance, if you are too sore to rotate and look over your shoulder, you probably shouldn’t drive. This is more of a common sense issue/decision that you need to make yourself.

I hope this short blog helps as you plan for your cosmetic surgery procedure.

Lee Corbett, MD

Medical Director Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and Med Spa

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