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Lower Eyelids: Surgery vs Filler

tear troughMore and more we are meeting patients who are dissatisfied with their lower lids. Commonly the complaint is what we call a “tear trough” deformity. It is the result of the shrinkage and descent of the cheek fat pad where the cheek and lower lid meet as is demonstrated in the photo. Many patients present assuming that they need surgery when in reality we can completely correct this problem with the use of Injectible fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Perlane. This treatment is done in the office with topical anesthesia and while a bruise and some mild swelling may result there is no true recovery. If you have any interest or have questions about this procedure please e mail our nurse injector Lyzah at

Lee E. Corbett, MD

Medical Director Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and Medi Spa

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