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Swelling after Surgery

Swelling after Surgery

After cosmetic surgery procedures such as a Louisville Breast Augmentation or Louisville Liposuction, there is soft tissue swelling. This is a normal sequela.


As far as our soft tissue know, surgical trauma to our tissues is no different than any other kind of trauma. Our tissues are wounded and they healing by what is called an inflammatory repsonse. The normal inflammatory response results in soft tissue swelling.

The swelling, depending of the parts of the body treated and the surgery, can last anywhere from a few days to weeks to even months. This is not only normal following surgery, it is to be expected.

Lee Corbett, MD

Cosmetic or Insurance?

When I consult with a new patient as a Louisville Plastic Surgeon, their problem is deemed either “cosmetic” or “insurance”.

These designations refer to with whom financial responsibility falls. If a case is considered cosmetic, the financial responsiblity falls with the patient. Insurance will not be billed. There is no fee for these visits. Cosmetic cases are typically Louisville Breast Augmentations, Louisville Tummy Tucks, Louisville Liposuction, Louisville Rhinoplasty, and Louisville Facelifts

If a case is considered reconstructive and the patient expects their insurance to cover the costs of the surgery, their insurance will be billed. In these cases there IS a charge for the consultation.

Lee Corbett, MD

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Dysport works faster.

Louisville Dypsort injections seem to work more quickly than Louisville Botox.

My experience over the past few months is that Dysport seems to show an effect in a day or two. Botox typically took a week or two to show its effects.

Both products seem to last the same amount of time and the cost is the same.

Lee Corbett, MD