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Skincare for your 30s

Skincare for your 30’s

Now that you’re in your 30s, it’s time to get serious about taking better care of your skin.     If you’ve been diligent with sunscreen, you most likely haven’t seen a radical change in your skin since your 20s. But this is the decade when your complexion may start to look dull due to slower cellular turnover, so regular exfoliation should be your top priority.           Sun worshipers will see an increase in fine lines and damage like dark spots and loss of elasticity—but it’s never too late to get with the (sun protection) program.

We can address these aging skin issues in the office with treatments such as chemical peels, micro-needling and IPL treatments but to achieve optimal, long lasting results, I recommend focusing on your at-home skincare routine.

A sample ideal regimen:

I recommend consulting with your aesthetician to design a personalized skincare routine that will address your specific issues and concerns.  At The Medical Spa at Corbett Cosmetic, offer free skin consultations with visa screenings for your convenience.

-Allyson, Licensed Aesthetician at The Medical Spa at Corbett Cosmetic






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