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Smart Lipo…my experience over the past year.

Smart Lipo…my experience over the past year.

Corbett Cosmetic Surgery is the only practice in the State of Kentucky offering the SmartLipo Triplex. This is a 3 laser, laser liposuction machine. This differs from traditional liposuction in that the laser melts the fat cells instead of having to break them up mechanically. The laser also generates heat which helps with skin tightening and coagulates small vessels to minimize bruising.

Our experience is that patients are experiencing a shorter, easier recovery with less pain, downtime, and days off work. Also, in difficult area such as the inner thigh and upper arm, we are seeing much better skin tightening.

If you have questions or are interested in SmartLipo call our Louisville office at 502.721.0330

Lee E Corbett, MD   Medical Director Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MedSpa

Gauged Earlobe Repairs

More and more I am getting requests for closure of gauged earlobes. Many patients are entering the Military, where the rule is you cannot have a hole in the earlobe that you can see through. Others are just tired of wearing their gauges for a variety of reasons and are ready to ‘move on’.

The repair is done as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia. It usually takes about 15 minutes per ear. There is really no downtime after the procedure. You will have to have your sutures removed about a week later.

From the patient perspective, I think the procedure should be viewed as a reconstructive one. Depending of the size of the gauges, I am able to restore a normal appearance to the earlobe. However, it is unlikely that the lobes will be perfectly symmetric (see my last blog on symmetry) and there is a small scar left after the repair. The larger the gauges the more likelihood of more scarring and the greater chance for asymmetry. That being said, I have not had to revise any of the repairs due to patient dissatisfaction.

The cost for repair, assuming both ears are being treated, is typically $1000. I will occasionally lower that if the gauges were very small, but you should assume it will be $1000.

If you are interested in the procedure call our office at 502.721.0330 or you can contact us through our website at

Lee Corbett, MD

Medical Director, Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MedSpa

Perfect Symmetry…is it possible?

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges I face when operating on paired structures, usually breasts, is making both sides perfectly even. Why? Well, because if you divide the body into right and left sides, we are all uneven. It’s just the way we are made. So, creating identical breasts, via implants, a lift or reduction isn’t really possible. Think fraternal twins, not identical. Of course my goal is perfection every time, but some degree of asymmetry is always going to remain.

Lee Corbett, MD

Medical Director Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MediSpa.