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A better Restylane??

It’s been around for a little while, but today in my Louisville, KY plastic surgery office I used Louisville Restylane with Lidocaine for the first time.

Lidocaine is a common injectible anesthetic that is widely used in surgery. It’s just like what your dentist uses.

Well, one of the knocks on any filler is that there is a little discomfort associated. When I used the Restylane with Lidocaine today my patient’s reaction was very positive. After the initial stick, she didn’t feel anything!! ( I treated her Naso-Labial folds)

For the Naso Labial folds I’m a believer! I will have to use it on the lips, which typically require a dental block, to see how good it really is though!

I’ll keep you posted.

Lee Corbett, MD

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