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“Mini” procedures

In my Louisville Plastic Surgery practice there have been a lot of “Mini” procedures hit the Plastic Surgery scene in recent years.

Mini type procedures are legitimate and do have a place in our anti-aging repetroire. BUT…”Mini” procedures also tend to produce “Mini” results. Most of these procedures are related to Louisville Tummy Tucks and Louisville Facelifts. Conceptually Mini is great. The surgery is less invasive, the recovery shorter and easier, less down time and less cost. Can’t beat that!

The problem comes when a Mini operation is applied to a patient whose starting point exceeds the capabilities of what the Mini version was intended to handle. So, as appealing as they are, as you go to your consultations and learn about your options, don’t become blinded by the allure of the “Mini”. Remember, Mini procedures were not intended to fix “Maxi” problems. Mini procedures and maxi problems make for unmet expectations and unhappy patients.

Lee Corbett, MD

Louisville, KY Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

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