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Brachioplasty Scars

After lap banding and gastric bypass surgery, a lot of patients seek Louisville Ky plastic surgery for breast, tummy, arm and thigh procedures to get rid of loose skin.

The arm reduction surgery, called a brachioplasty, is pretty popular for those with significant skin/adipose deposits on the back of the upper arms. This procedure is fairly straightforward and usually takes only about an hour. The problem is the scar that results.

Brachioplasty scars tend to be some of the more noticable scars left after cosmetic plastic surgery. The scars tend to widen and stay more red than typical scars. Still many patients find this an acceptable trade-off in order to rid themselves of all the loose skin.

The take home message is to make certain you see some photos before to make the decision to have a brachioplasty because the scars are the shortcoming of this operation.

Lee Corbett, MD

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