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Breast Implants and the Dentist

A fairly common question posed after a Louisville Breast Augmentation is should you take antibiotics before dental procedures. The ratinonale is that when the teeth are manipulated, bacteria get in the blood stream and if they find the implant they could result in an infection and loss of the implant.

In reality, the chances of this happening are very, very low. As a rule I do not put my patient’s on antibiotics before a trip to the dentist but there are exceptions. If the implants were placed within the previous 6 months I think it’s not a bad idea to take a dose before the dental appt. I also recommend them for my patients who have implants for breast cancer reconstruction. These patients may have weakened immune systems and are more prone to infections. In 12 years I have only had 1 patient get an infection after dental work and she was a cancer patient.

The bottom line is that there are no definitive studies that answer this question. If you have breast implants and are concerned it is best to discuss it with your surgeon.

Lee Corbett, MD

Louisville, KY Cosmetic Plastic  Surgeon

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