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Complications after Cosmetic Surgery. Who pays?

This is one of the tricky areas of Louisville Cosmetic Surgery. Complications like bleeding problems or infection are rare after cosmetic surgery. The risks fall in the range of 1% or less for most procedures like Louisville Breast Augmentations, Louisville Liposuction, or Louisville Rhinoplasty.

But…the reality is these problems do occur and when they do a trip back to the Operating Room may be necessary. This brings the problem of money into the situation.

Most insurance companies will not pay for a complication that results directly from cosmetic surgery, like a bleed or infection at the surgical site. This is an issue that  I recommend all potential cosmetic surgery patients strongly consider. Chances are everything will turn out just fine, they almost always do, but someone out there is going to be that “1” when we tell you chances are “1 in a 1000”.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville Plastic Surgery expert, Dr. Lee Corbett

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