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Complications and Fillers

Injectible fillers in Louisville, such as Louisville Juvederm and Louisville Restylane, are some of the most commonly requested services requested in my Louisville Cosmetic Surgery practice. In the vast majority of cases, the injections are well tolerated with good results and happy patients.

Fillers have been extensively tested and are very, very safe. Most problems are actually not a result of the filler itself, rather a problem with injection technique.

Early problems are the most common ones we encounter and include redness and swelling. Bruising can occur if a small blood vessel is injured by the injection. With the exception of fat injections, an allergic reaction can occur with any filler but this is extremely rare with todays fillers.

Late problems are primarily related to granuloma formation. A granuloma is basically a scar reaction to the injected material. If this occurs it is typically 6 to 24 months after injection.

Lee Corbett, MD

Louisville Ky. Plastic Surgeon

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