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Do I have to get New Breast Implants every 10 years?

 This too is one of the most common plastic surgery myths I hear from patients. See my previous post for the other one. The answer is a resounding NO!! There is no validity to this at all. Zero, zilch, nada, none!

Here are the stats to explain the answer.

For Saline Implants, the reported deflation rates show numbers in the 3 to 4% range at 7 years. So at 7 years almost 95% of all implants are alive and well! Now, 7 years is not 10, but after doing this for 12 years and inheriting charts of thousands of implant patients I can confidently tell you there is no reason to change out an Implant just because of its age.

For Silicone Gel Implants the deflation rates are a bit higher, in the 7-8% range at 7 years. But still, that leaves over 90% of the women in good shape. Valid reasons to exchange implants are appearance related. You want a smaller/larger breasts, you had kids the breast shape and consistency has changed, you gained/lost weight and your breasts have gotten too large or too small. You want to go from saline to gel. These are reasons to exchange implants. Now, if you have a burning desire to pay me to take out perfectly normal implants every 10 years I will. I don’t get many takers on this option though…for good reason. So, forget the 10 year stuff and remember this, “if they ain’t broke, don’t fix ‘em”.

Lee Corbett, MD


All posts on this blog are authored by Louisville, Kentucky cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Corbett. Dr. Corbett specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery including facelifts, browlifts, blepharoplasy, Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reductions, body lifts, liposuction,  and tummy tucks.

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