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Do I need to massage my breasts after I get Implants?

I think this is a debatable topic on which Plastic Surgeons will vary including Louisville, KY breast augmentation surgeons.

Some surgeons feel like massage, particularly with silicone gel implants, is crucial. I think some others are of the opinion that it is of no benefit.

The reason we suggest massage it to avoid capsular contracture. This is a process whereby the body surronds the implant with scar which can leave the breast unnaturally firm. The risks of contracture are higher when implants are placed above the muscle and silicone implants typically go above the muscle. That is why we recommend with gel implants.

The theory is that if you start to massage the breast, thereby moving the implant around within its’ pocket, you will make it more difficult for the body to organize the scar shell. I recommend that you start massage as early as you can tolerate it comfortably, usually after the first 2 or 3 weeks. The massage process involves applying pressure to the breast in a side to side and top to bottom manner. This technique will keep the implant mobile and help avoid contracture.

Some surgeons will tell you this is a waste of time because some women still get capsules with massage. My take on it is that yes, that is true, but it causes no harm and even if it is only helpful some of the time, it’s worth the minimal amount of effort it requires.

Lee Corbett, MD


All blogs are presented by Louisville Breast Implant surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett

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