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Filler Myths

lyzahHi I’m Lyzah your personal Registered Nurse/ Expert Injector. (More so expert injector than Registered Nurse, I must admit.)  Like if someone needs life-saving medical intervention I’m probably not your girl, BUT if you want a FABULOUS face I’m THE girl. I love love love what I do! Part of that love is helping others look and feel like their best self (which I think go hand in hand).

Originally from Virginia, I attended The University of Kentucky and started my nursing career in dermatologic skin cancer surgery (MOHS) at a practice in Ohio. Basically, our practice specialized in extensive skin cancer treatments of the head and neck. I learned from what I consider to be the best surgeons in the business, and am so glad I had those years of experience. I then moved back to Louisville and worked mostly with general Dermatology before switching to the amazing cosmetic side. Combining all that I have learned over the years is why I think I’m a great artist. I really think this business is about true artistry and getting to know your patients well. I want all of my patients to enjoy coming in to see me, feeling like I give them personal attention at each visit, and MOST of all helping them look and feel their best. Too often I hear about bad experiences and bad results; as a result, patients are often too scared to do anything. This leads to my latest blog topic ‘Myths and misconceptions about fillers’.

Over the past few years Injectable Fillers have dramatically increased in popularity. They are most commonly used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and facial volume loss.  According to the latest statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic dermal filler treatments have increased by 8% in the last year alone. What makes them so appealing is their ease of use and noninvasive alternative to surgery with fantastic results. However; as popularity has grown, many myths and misconceptions have also developed.

Myth 1:   “Am I going to look like Joan Rivers, or those crazy celebrities on TV?”

My favorite line I use with my patients is “you are going to look like yourself, only better”. My goal is not only making you look better, but also feeling great about yourself. I don’t ever want anyone to leave our office feeling unnatural or overdone. One way I achieve this is taking the time to discuss with my patients exactly what bothers them, and what outcome they are trying to achieve.  I carefully explain each option and what will work best for them.  In all, fillers can be very natural and easy with the correct techniques and injector.  It’s truly all about catering to each patients needs and what will work best for their lifestyle.

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