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If I have a Tummy Tuck, what happens to my belly button?

I get this question a lot when patients are considering a Louisville, Ky tummy tuck or a Louisville, KY mini tummy tuck.

The answer is… nothing. You will end up with the same belly button you started out with. What changes is the loose skin that surronds your belly button.

When performing a tummy tuck, we make a circular incision around your belly button and take this straight down until we hit the muscle surface. Sort of like an apple slicer with your belly button  being the core. Then we remove the loose skin, pull the skin downward and put your stiches in. In doing this, we bury your belly button, so at the end we come back to the skin surface and remove a core of skin and fat and the belly button pops back thru.

So you get to keep your belly button.

Lee Corbett, MD

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