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Better but still the same Breast…

When I meet a new patient considering a Louisville Breast Augmentation, a Louisville Breast Lift or a Louisville Breast Reduction they often share a common misconception. That is, after one of the aforementioned procedures, their breast tissue will change. This isn’t the case.

After an augmentation the breast will be larger. The upper volume will be restored. Droop can be corrected. BUT…the breast tissue that sits on top of the implant is still the same breast tissue you started with. It will not become firmer. The skin will not change. Stretch marks will not go away etc…

The same is true for a reduction or lift. These are great operations because they work! But, again, the nature and consistency of the breast tissue itself is unchanged.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lee Corbett.

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