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Liposuction: Superwet Technique

This is my preferred technique for Louisville Liposuction…the Superwet Technique.

The super wet technique expands the concept of using the wetting soloutions, which is a mixture of Lactated Ringers, a type of IV fluid, Lidocaine for pain control, and Epinephrine which causes vasoconstriction to minimize blood loss. In this method, I add wetting solution to achieve a 1:1 ratio of infiltrate to aspirate. In other words, if I anticipate suctioning out 2000 cc of fat, I will first infiltrate the area(s) with 2000 cc’s of wetting solution. I then wait and allow the lidocaine and epinephrine to take effect before introducing the liposuction cannula.

With this method of Louisville Liposuction, blood loss drops to about 1% of the volume of fat removed. So we can suction out 2000 cc’s of fat and only lose 20 cc’s of blood. The typical person has 5600 cc’s of blood in their body so a 20 cc loss in inconsequential. You lose more than this when you have blood drawn for your yearly physical!

I find this technique very safe and it yields very nice results, at least in my hands.

Lee Corbett, MD

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