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Mammograms will not break breast implants

When I see new patients considering Louisville KY Breast Augmentation, a frequent concern is them breaking from a mammogram.

Mammograms are not going to break an implant. These implants are tough. They are not intended to be placed and then for you to go stand in the corner and look nice. They are good, durable products.

My two sons, ages 10 & 13, use my sample implants and sling them at each other when I drag them to the office on weekends. (Implant wars are much more fun than waiting for me and acting right!) They can throw pretty hard and the implants more often than not smack up against the wall. They never break. This is an odd example with my point being go get the mammogram.

The potential risk of injury to your implant is far outweighed by the benefits of the mammogram.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville, KY breast implant surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett.

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