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My ears stick out…what can I do?

The operation that fixes this problem is called an Otoplasty.

This is a very slick operation. In Louisville, Otoplasty requires anesthesia and an hour or so in the operating room. After surgery, the recovery isn’t bad, but you will need to wear a head strap for several days.

The operation isn’t very common for adults, because more othen than not the ear was corrected when the patients were children.

In the O.R. we make an incision in the crease behind the ear. We lift the skin off the back of the cartilage and then place sutures in the cartilage to pin it back more. The incision is closed and that’s it.

If you do have protruding ears or even one ear, you do have an option.

Lee Corbett, MD


All posts on the blog are presented by Dr. Lee Corbett, a Louisville, KY Plastic Surgeon.

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