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Plastic Surgery Costs

Health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery. So, at the end of every consultation the costs for the procedure(s) being considered are quoted to our patients. In most cases this is the first time you as the patient are fully responsible for the costs involved as insurance usually pays for most medical expenses. So, I wanted to walk you through the process so you would know what to expect before your consultation with your plastic surgeon.

There are traditionally three fixed costs you will encounter. Surgeon’s fees, Operating Room (OR) charges, and anesthesia fees. Surgeon’s fees will usually include the charge your doctor assigns to your particular operation and any additional supplies such as any implants used (breast, chin etc…), pain pumps (On-Q), and pressure garments. The OR fees are usually based on the procedure meaning that there is a fixed cost for say a tummy tuck, and a cost for a facelift. These numbers are set by the facility. Anesthesia usually will bill by the time the surgery will take in half hour increments and most have a 1 hour minimum. Now, the anesthesia doctors will always add a 1/2 hour to the time your surgeon will actually be working to account for the time it takes to put you to sleep and then wake you up and get you safely into the recovery room. Most of the facilities will build the cost of basic lab work (blood count and pregnancy test) into your OR charges but more elaborate tests like EKG’s will result in additional charges. Now, if you choose to stay overnight there are additional charges but these are fairly low, about $250 for the night stay. Other than the above costs, the only things you will encounter are your prescription costs and the cost for bras or shape wear that you might need during your recovery. Follow up visits after your surgery are usually included.

Additional surgery for a complication, bleeding for example, or in the event a revision is necessary, this will result in additional fees so make sure you ask your surgeon what his or her policy is in these circumstances.

I hope this information helps and gives you a more solid idea of what to expect at your consultation.

Lee E. Corbett, MD

Medical Director, Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MediSpa

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