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Size change operations for Men.

Two or three times a month my office will get a call from a male patient inquiring about increasing his size. There are options out there for this situation but none of them are very good.

First, I don’t do any of these operations / procedures. If they are done, it is typically done by a Urologist.

The only surgical operation I am aware of is to cut the suspensory ligaments that anchor the base of the  penis to the pubic bone. This will typically add length but may affect the ability of the penis to rise with erection. The length gains are limited, an inch or so.

To increase diameter, or thickness, several things have been tried. Fat injections have been used, more recently Hyaluronic Acid fillers (Juvederm & Restylane) have been used, and even Alloderm (cadaver dermal grafts) have been used. Fat can cause scarring and leave the shaft with lumpy or even bent. The HA fillers will go away in a year and re-injection will be necessary. The Alloderm grafts require the penis to be degloved (skinned), the grafts placed and the skin repoistioned.

The bottom line is that these procedures are all associated with some significant potential side effects and you should think very, very carefully before you have any of these procedures.

Lee Corbett, MD


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