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Sizing for Breast Augmentation.

Todays topic: Breast Augmentation Louisville, KY.

Other than implant type, size of implant is of utmost importance as you consider augmentation.

So, an obvious question most patients have, is how do we figure out what size to use. The answer is we try them on. It’s pretty simple, we have a lot of silicone gel implants here in the office for sizing. We will put a bra size on you that you are aiming for and then stuff your bra with the sample implants. Then we will have you pull on a snug T-shirt and we put you in front of the mirror. We will stuff the bra with different sizes until you find what you like. I will then chime is as to whether the size you have chosen makes sense based on your starting point.

This isn’t a perfect sizing system, in that a given implant usually looks a little smaller once it is behind the breast than it does when you are trying them on. But knowing this, I will push you to the top of your size ‘comfort zone’.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville, KY breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Lee Corbett.

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