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My Breasts are different sizes…

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In my Louisville Kentucky Cosmetic surgery practice I encounter this complaint frequently. And that is no great surprise becasue every woman’s breasts are uneven.

When a woman is considering a Louisville Breast Augmentation, I will frequently use different volumes to account for the asymmetry or even different style implants. I tackle the size problem  by using implant sizers. These are trial implants that we place and then fill to different volumes to see what balances things out. They only run $30 or $40 which is a lot better than trialing a $1000 silicone implant only to find its the wrong size!!

When I do Louisville Breast Lifts or Louisville Breast Reductions, I can simply remove more tissue from the larger breast to balance things out.

What is more difficult to correct is if the breasts are vertically asymmetric. It is hard to adjust the breast crease a lot so these asymmetries tend to persist. Likewise, if your rib cage is different from side to side, there is very little to do.

Lee Corbett, MD

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