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Do Breast Implants affect Breast Feeding?

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This is a topic that comes up a lot with my younger patients who are considering Breast Augmentation for obvious reasons. The answer “No”, implants have no bearing whatsoever on a woman’s ability to breast feed.

When an implant is placed it is either under the muscle/breast complex or the breast itself.  But what most patients are confused about is how the space for the implant is made. When I create the pocket for the implant I seperate the undersurface of the breast from the muscle, the entire breast lifts forward, and the implant slides in under it. If the implant is going under the muscle then the breast is basically undistrubed as it and the muscle are lifted and the implant slides behind the muscle.

Now, where the implant can make a difference is when we talk about incision site. If you choose to have your implant placed through an incision around the nipple, this can definitely affect breast feeding as some milk ducts will be divided. There is little to no milk producing tissue in the crease under the breast so that is a good choice. An armpit incision is also safe to use, though not as commonly chosen.

Lee Corbett, MD