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Replacing Implants

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In my Louisville Breast Implant practice one of the most common misconceptions I encounter deals with breast implant replacement.

A significant percentage of new patients come in with the belief that they have to get new implants every 10 years. This is 100% false. The failure rate for implants that are 10 years old, silicone and saline, is very low. Exact figures aren’t available for the 10 year point but we do know that at 7 years the failure rate on saline is about 2-3% and at 6 years the failure rate for gel implants is about 1%.

So it makes no sense that at 10 years we would throw away 98% of the breast implants out there when they are fine. Said another way, “If they ain’t broke, don’t fix ’em.”

Dr. Lee Corbett