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Help, I’ve got Cellulite!

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Well, you’re not alone, that’s the good news. The bad news is that if you’ve got it, you’re stuck with some degree of it.

Cellulite, most typically found on the thighs, results from ligamentous attachments that span from the skin undersurface down to underlying muscle or bone. Basically, the attachments are tether points and are immobile. As the skin around these points looses a little of its’ elasticity and we add weight, the skin stretches out except at the fixed point. The result…a dimple. Cute on your baby’s face, not on your thighs!

The problem with getting rid of cellulite is that it represents normal anatomy coupled with a little skin laxity we all experience with age, pregnancy, and weight gain. So, you really can’t get rid of it.

You can watch your weitht and avoid significant swings in your weight. But lifting weights or running to tone your leg muscles will not help cellulite.

There are a lot of lasers and medispa treatments, like endermologie, which claim to help. I can’t say that these don’t work because I have not used most of whats out there, but be very cautious before spending a lot of money. Likewise, Liposuction is not an answer. It may help or it may not. It may even make it worse if the skin is really lax.

If there was a sure-fire treatment, trust me, every Plastic Surgeon in the world would be all over it!

Lee Corbett, MD


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