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What a Blepharoplasty won’t do.

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A Louisville Blepharoplasty is a procedure that improves the appearance of the eyelids.

On the upper lid this usually means removing excess skin and maybe some fat. On the lower lids this usually entails smooting out the ‘bags’ we get under our eyes and smoothing out some of the laxity.

What a blepharoplasty will not do is change the quality of the skin that is  left behind when the excess is removed. In other words, if the skin of the lids is covered with fine wrinkles these will be there after. We cannot remove so much skin that we can pull it tight. If we did this you would be left with a big problem called an ectropion. We can do it on a tummy tuck but not on eyelids.

If your skin is like this, laser skin resurfacing is your answer. This is something your Plastic Surgeon will help you figure out.

Lee Corbett, MD