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What is a Mini Face Lift?

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A mini facelift is a scaled down version of a standard Louisville Facelift.

With a mini facelift, and there are several versions out there, what you are looking at is a shorter incision, less undermining of the skin, and less work on the deeper tissues compared to a typical facelift.

The incisions are usually run just under the side burn to the top of the ear and then down to the bottom of the ear. We then tunnel out in front of the ear for about 5 to 6 cm. Then a series of purse string sutures are used to tighten the deeper tissue that actually give the lift.

These procedures also a quicker and take about an hour.

The procedures are great but are ideally suited for younger patients with less facial aging. Remember, you can’t have a mini operation with a mini price, mini scar, mini cost but still get a maximum result. So, talk to your surgeon and make sure the operation is right for you!

Lee Corbett

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