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Louisville, KY: Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction patients are often interested in downsizing their areolae and on occasion even the nipple itself. Most are surprised to learn both procedures are really quite simple.

Areolar downsizing is a typical part of Breast Reductions and Breast Lifts. This is done using an instrument called a “cookie cutter”. This is a circle of varying diameters  that has cross hairs. The cross hairs are placed over the nipple, pressure is applied and a perfect circle is made on the skin surface indicating the new, smaller areolar diameter. A ‘normal’ areola size is 42 mm.

Nipple downsizing is more unusual. This is accomplished by removing the apex of the nipple and closing it to itself. The patients I have encountered who seek this operation have nipples that are about an inch long and are irritated by their bra.

Both operations, if done as stand alone procedures, are doable under local anesthesia in the office.

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Louisville,  Kentucky Breast Augmentation surgeon, Dr. Lee Corbett.