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What happens if I have an Implant & Lift surgery and then have another baby?

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This is a great question that I frequently encounter in my Louisville Cosmetic Surgery practice. With the changes that a woman’s breasts experience during pregnancy I would expect some deterioration of your result. How much depends on how much your breasts enlarge with your pregnancies and how much weight you gain.

The breast implants themselves will remain unchanged. What changes is the benefit we achieved with the breast lift component. If there is significant size change in the breasts the skin will stretch and in all likelihood you will have some degree of skin excess. This could result in a revision of the lift. This isn’t a disaster though. It typically means a small revision with a bit more skin removal.

My advice to the new patients I meet considering an implant/lift combination is that if they know they are having another baby soon, wait to have the surgery until after the baby comes. If you are unsure or know you are going to wait several years I think it is reasonable to have the surgery but just be aware a small revision might be necessary.

Lee Corbett, MD