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Can fat return to an area that has been Liposuctioned?

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I hear a lot of misconceptions about fat deposits after Liposuction. In my Louisville Liposuction practice patients are often concerned that if they have liposuction of one area, another area will get even larger when/if she gains weight.

Here’s my opinion on this. Fat can return to an area previously liposuctioned if you gain weight. Our bodies are all different and we all store fat in different areas. Some women gain a little weight and it is all in their thighs, others their backside etc… So if you gain a lot of weight and you had your thighs liposuctioned, and your body stores fat in your thighs, they can get bigger.

Your body will NOT “penalize” you for having liposuction though. If you have your tummy suctioned your butt will not get bigger if you gain weight. Again, we all store fat differently and your body will store fat wherever it wants wether you have had liposuction or not.

Lee Corbett, MD