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Who are all those people I see when I go into the OR?

There are typically going to be about 5 or 6 folks in the OR when you first get into the room.

There are either one or two anesthesia folks. Typically there is an anesthesiologist, he or she is an MD who is there when you go to sleep and wake up, and a CRNA, who is a nurse anesthetist. This person is an RN who did two years of intense training to become a CRNA. The CRNA will be with you the entire case and make sure you are adequately cared for during your surgery. In some centers there is all MD anesthesia but this is rare. CRNA’s do over 95% of my cases and they do a very nice job and give flawless care!

Next, there will be a circulating nurse. He or she will be in scrubs with a cap and mask. This person is a R.N. who has a lot of jobs. They will help you move onto the OR bed, get you warm covers and pillows, put a seat belt on you, and once we get started this person moves around the OR and gets any equipment, suture etc… that I need to do your surgery.

The person in the OR gown is your scrub nurse. This person is either a tech or a nurse who hands me the instruments I use during your surgery. Before your surgery starts, this person pulls all of the equipment we will need for your procedure.

Finally, you’ll see Yours Truly. At this point, they’ll be giving you the “happy juice” through your IV so you may not remember me being there, but I promise I am.

Lee Corbett, MD


All posts on this blog are authored by Dr. Lee Corbett. Dr. Corbett practices cosmetic plastic surgery in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

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