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Your breasts are NOT droopy…

I’ve heard this complaint thousands of times in my Louisville Cosmetic Surgery office and a lot of the time the breasts are not droopy…technically.

The fact that the upper part of the breast has lost its fullness with age and babies does NOT constitute droop in Plastic Surgery terms.

Droop, or Ptosis ( toe-sis)  as we call it, is all based on where the nipple rests in relation to the crease under the breast (Infra-Mammary Fold or IMF). By definition, if your nipple sits above your IMF you do not have ptosis and a breast lift or Mastopexy may not be needed. A Louisville Breast Augmentation will often correct this situation.

If your nipple sits at or below your IMF you do have ptosis and a Louisville Breast lift will be necessary in most cases.

Now, a lot of times her nipple is well situated above the IMF but the bottom part of the breast sits below the IMF. We call this pseudo-ptosis and depending on the severity and the size of your breast, this situation may also call for a mastopexy (lift).

Lee Corbett, MD

All posts on this blog are presented by Lousiville Breast Augmentation specialist, Dr. Lee Corbett.

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