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Improve your skin texture with hyaluronic acid

Improve your skin texture with hyaluronic acid


Not all Hyaluronic Acids are equal.

SkinMedica has introduced a new product that is a rejuvenating hydrator called HA⁵. SkinMedica HA5 is a Hyaluronic Acid which is a natural “water-loving” substance found in the skin that holds in moisture keeping skin healthy, resilient, and supple. By the time you are 40-50, you have lost 50% of the HA that you had at age 20.

HA⁵ works differently than other topical HA serums. It delivers both immediate and long-term results, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and overall skin health. Within minutes your skin will look and feel smoother but it is the ONLY HA on the market that is penetrating, builds your own HA and offers EIGHT hours of hydration.

This product is perfenct for someone who wishes to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and roughness.  HA5 fits nicely into the recommended GRASS skin health regimen.  It should be applied after your growth factor in the morning and after your retinol at night.  It is sold in a 2 oz. bottle.  It is TSA friendly.

Allyson- Licensed Aesthetician at the MedicalSpa at Corbett Cosmetic

A Breast Reduction using Liposuction?

Yesterday I performed a Breast Reduction using Liposuction only. To my surprise, the OR nursing staff was unaware this was possible. So I figured if they were unaware it was possible, most people probably are. So lets talk about it.

Why it works: Well, breasts are normally made up of glandular milk producing breast tissue AND fat. In fact, for many women, the breast is a preferred fat storage site. So, we are able to use liposuction to remove the fatty component of the breast. This can be done with one or two very small incisions instead of the typical larger more noticeable breast incisions.

Limitations: There are limitations to the procedure being done this way. First, you cannot get as much skin tightening this way and you cannot lift the breast as well as with a traditional reduction. Secondly, you cannot suction out the glandular breast tissue component, only the fat component. So gauging final breast size is more challenging.

In the end, it is a very effective technique that replaces the significant scaring of a traditional reduction with almost no scars yet still effectively can reduce the breast.

To learn more contact our East Louisville office at 502-721-0330

Lee E Corbett MD

Medical Director Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and Med Spa


What are age spots?

What are Age Spots?

Age spots are pigmented lesions caused by excess melanin in skin cells resulting from UV exposure. People of any age or race can develop these spots. (That was the bad news.) The good news is that there are several treatment options that can help you achieve that beautiful, even skin tone again. Topical treatments used to bleach, lighten or brighten include Hydroquinone, Lytera, or Chemical Peels.  Another popular option is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), for skin types I-IV,  which can pull the excess pigment out of the skin for an immediate improvement. We recommend using Lytera with retinol  to protect your investment and results after your IPL treatment.  Regardless of the treatment option you choose, sunscreen should always be applied afterwards and daily.

RealSelf 500

Dr. Lee Corbett Wins RealSelf 500 Award

Louisville, KY Plastic Srugeon Recognized as Top Social Influencer in Aesthetic Surgery

Louisville, KY – Marrch 7, 2016 – Local physician Dr. Lee Corbett is one of 500 doctors in the nation to receive the prestigious RealSelf 500 Award, out of nearly 13,000 board certified specialists with a presence on RealSelf—the leading online community helping people make confident choices in elective cosmetic procedures.

In a time when 1 in 4 U.S. adults share their health experiences on social media channels, the medical professionals that made the 2015 RealSelf 500 are recognized both for having an outstanding record of consumer feedback and for providing credible, valuable insights in response to consumer questions about elective cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery, dentistry and more.

Dr. Corbett is the Medical Director of Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and Med Spa in Louisville. In his 18th year in practice, his specialties include Aesthetic Surgery of the Face, Breasts and Body as well as non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

“In 2015, these 500 doctors collectively impacted tens of millions of consumers, with nearly 30% of our total doctor content posted by this relatively small group,” said Tom Seery, RealSelf founder and CEO. “When I started RealSelf, many doctors questioned why they should ‘give away’ their expertise ‘for free’ on the web. Now, eight years later — and with over one million doctor answers on our platform — we are proud of the standard this select group has set. They’re leading the way by empowering millions of consumers to gain access to the information they need to make smart and confident health and beauty decisions.”

Dr. Corbett is an expert contributor to RealSelf, and to date has posted over 700 answers to questions on RealSelf. Each month people from all over world ask important aesthetic-related questions about all aspects of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Corbett also maintains a patient star rating of 5 out of five stars in RealSelf reviews. For more information on Dr. Corbett, please visit, and for the full list of RealSelf 500 Award winners, visit

About RealSelf

Since its founding in 2006, RealSelf has created the world’s largest community for learning and sharing information about cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, and other elective treatments. Our extensive collections of reviews, photos, videos and doctor Q&A make RealSelf the most trusted resource for those who are looking for help beyond the beauty counter.