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Base width and Breast Implants.

This post is a bit technical, but if you are considering Breast Augmentation, base width is incredibly important to your Plastic Surgeon when deciding on your implant type and size.

Base width is a measurement of how wide your breast is from side to side and from top to bottom. A “normal” side to side measurement is about 16 or 17 cm but a lot of women seeking implants have a narrower BW, more in the 14 cm range.

The significance of base width is that you want to choose an implant whose diameter fits within your breasts’ original ‘boundaries’. In other words, if your breast is 14 cm wide we want to use an implant that has a diameter of 14 cm or less. Otherwise, depending on how much breast you have to start with, you may be able to see a clear transition where your more narrow breast base sits on top of the wider implant. It can give you a ‘stacked ring’ look, like the little kids toy.

Variance in base width is one of the reason implant manufacturers started making high profile breast implants. These implants., volume for volume, fit better under the breast of a more petite woman yet still give a nice full appearance.

So, when you are at your consultation and your surgeon starts measuring your breasts, this is what we are checking on. It enables us to give you the best advice on your implant choice.

Lee Corbett, MD


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