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I’ve got “Cankles”, what can I do?

I am assuming the slang term ‘cankles’ is understood by everyone. The term describes the lack of tapering from the calf down to the ankle.

If the problem is you have a skinny leg and a lack of calf musculature, exercise and weight training will help. For some, calf implants are an option. Honestly, I rarely see anyone seeking this treatment.

More commonly, I see a female whose calf/ankle transition zone is indistinct and her leg is thicker than she would like. The treatment of choice for this problem is Liposuction. This is a very nice procedure because a small amount of Liposuction can make a really nice difference.

The downside to the treatment is swelling. Anytime you have any kind of surgery done below the knee, swelling will be a problem because we are on our feet all day. Swelling after Liposuction is already a main side effect so when you combine the two, prolonged swelling is to be expected. What this means is that after surgery you should plan on wearing a compressive sleeve or wrap on your leg for 2 to 3 months. Doing so isn’t that big of a deal but it makes this procedure one that you may want to consider in the winter months.

Lee Corbett, MD


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